Director’s Message

Dr. Anurag Mishra

At Shree Krishna College of Pharmacy, it is about teaching and reaching out to each one of our students. We teach and counsel through the numerous student activities in the campus. We have an intimate learning environment with each one of us, engaged and accessible to our students, and many other opportunities letting us interact with each other. We encourage the students to learn beyond syllabus by organizing project clubs, literary events, social activities, participation in national level competitive events, etc. We believe in awarding the best performance of students to encourage them besides being an inspiration for others. Thus, the time one spends at SKCP is an exciting journey of learning, making lifelong friends, differentiating between what one knows and what one doesn’t. This we believe is wholesome education-truly an experience, I here upon welcome you all to come, join and be a part of this legacy that will make me feel proud.

Dr. Anurag Mishra (Director of Shree Krishna College of Pharmacy)